How to Keep Sash Windows Clean and Sparkling

Sash windows are a more traditional design compared to top or side-opening windows. They are often found in older properties but can look good on more modern homes too. Due to the unique design of sash windows, whereby the panels slide up and down on a pulley system, as opposed to opening via a hinge, you need to tackle the cleaning side of things a bit differently. Read on for some useful tips on how to keep your sash windows nice and clean.

Cleaning Timber Sash Windows

Most older sash windows are made from timber. These require a bit more effort to keep clean compared to newer, UPVC models. If you have double-hung sash windows and you want them sparkling so you can admire your folding sun lounger on the manicured lawn outside, you need to do the following.

Use a small brush to remove loose debris from inside the window frame. If you have a vacuum cleaner handy, this will be helpful to get rid of any remaining dirt. Grab a bucket of hot, soapy water and wipe down the inside of the frames. Pull each sash window down so you can access every section of the frame.

Next, clean the glass panels using a soft cloth. Adding some white vinegar to the water will ensure your glass is streak-free, so that cheap garden furniture set on the patio looks suitably impressive in the sunshine.

Repeat the exercise on the outside of your windows and be careful to look for any signs of timber rot or degradation of the cords inside the casement. If you do spot any damage, it may be possible to fill any small areas of rot using some good-quality wood filler, but if the integrity of the window has been compromised, call a joiner to come and replace the worst sections.

How to Clean UPVC Sash Windows

Thankfully, UPVC sash windows are usually easier to clean because they operate differently. Whereas traditional sash windows slide up and down on a cord mechanism, UPVC sash windows tilt inwards or outwards, depending on the individual design. This ensures all parts of the window are readily accessible when you want to clean them.

Once you have opened your sash windows, follow the steps above to remove dead insects and debris, wipe down the frames, and clean the glass.

Pay attention to any defective parts of your sash windows. If the hinges are stiff or the windows are not aligned correctly when closed, so you can feel a draft, call the original installer to adjust them or consider replacing older windows for more energy-efficient windows.

Be Careful when Cleaning Sash Windows

While cleaning the inside of sash windows is something most people can do without much effort, be very careful when attempting to clean exterior windows. Upper-level windows should only be cleaned if you have a ladder and someone to assist. Don’t try hanging out of the window to clean the external areas; it’s dangerous.

How To Clean Your Sash Windows

Sash windows are such beautiful windows and have been around for more that 200 years. To make sure your sash windows look beautiful and are in a good working condition, it is important to keep them clean, and, when necessary, paint them.

At Sash Windows, Brighton, we recommend window cleaning as often as possible. This will make the dirt is easier to clean than having a mountain of grime caked on your window.

Carrying out this task can be quite tricky because you have to lift the windows up and down. However, if you do it patiently and one glass at a time, you will find it easier. We have put together a guide to help you with the cleaning of your sash windows.

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Sash Window Repair

There are a few things that can go wrong with sash windows, hindering their proper operation. You know your stash window needs repairs when;

  • It starts becoming difficult to push up and pull down.
  • Your sash window is rotten.
  • There are broken sash cords.
  • There is a broken pane of glass.
  • It rattles.

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Sash Windows Energy Efficiency

If you love period style homes or live in one, you’ll probably have one or more sash windows on your property. They not only add a unique character to your home, but are also easy to clean and maintain.

When maintained and sealed properly, Sash windows are one of the most effective ways to maintain ventilation and direct the path of air flow in a building. Sash windows are also known to be secure because you can have them partially open and locked at the same time.

Sash windows are many things, but are they energy efficient? For those of us who are particular about energy conservation and sustainable living, it is interesting to know how sash windows perform eco-friendly wise.

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Best Sash Window Price Guide for your next Makeover Budget

Sash windows are a popular choice among home builders who desire a traditional appearance for their homes, and like any other home improvement project, costs have to be taken into account. This guide provides a breakdown of the cost of sash windows as available in the market today, and helps you determine the prices for the particular type of sash window treatment you need.

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How Sash Windows Work

Many home building experts have often referred to the windows as the “eyes of the home”. They allow in light, fresh air and introduce the interior to the panoramic views of the outdoors. But more importantly, windows add character to a building and gives it its individuality.

There are different types of windows. From Casement windows to Bay windows, Box windows and Sash windows, there are several options you can choose to define the character of your home. In this piece, we’ll be discussing what you need to know about sash windows.

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Are Sash Windows Secure?

In these perilous times, it is important to ensure our homes and businesses are secured. Most people get carried away with securing their doors while forgetting their windows are one of the vulnerable points in the house.

Yes, sash windows are secure. It will remain that way as long as the component materials like the glass and locks installed on the windows are kept in good working order.

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Stick on sash horns vs run-through sash horns?

Here at Sash Windows Brighton, we’re no strangers to nerdy, jargon-filled, sash-related questions and it is our aim to answer every single one of them. Believe it or not, a question we’re commonly asked by customers is which is better, a stick on sash horn, or a run-through sash horn. So without further ado, here’s a break-down of what all of these things are, and what we think about them!

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A History of Sash Windows!

We love everything about sash windows from how they’re made, where they come from and how they originally developed. They are such an integral part of historic, British architecture, and we want everyone to know! So, we’ve comprise this short historical article to talk about how sash window styles have changed through the years.

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