Why Refurbishing your Sash Windows Should Be High On Your Home Improvement List

When the topic is home improvement and energy ratings the refurbishment of sash windows is often relegated down the priority list. Focus is often on energy efficiency installations such as wall and loft insulations. However, the benefits of such improvements will not be felt fully if they are done in a home with worn out sash windows. Here are some reasons why you should consider refurbishing your sash windows today.

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Wooden Sash Windows – The Installation

Wooden sash windows are a popular choice for many home owners who want to make their homes look beautiful and stylish. Proper installation of these windows is therefore important for it will contribute to the overall sturdiness of the structure that you are constructing. The installer must make sure that these windows are well insulated and airtight. This is particularly important because you need your house warm during winter.

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Sash Windows – Timber vs uPVC


Sash windows are currently extremely popular in the UK, as they were in centuries past. Historically, sash windows became less popular as they were known to be high maintenance. There was also a time when ‘window tax’ was active in the UK, making this style of window much more expensive. Now, we don’t have window taxes and advances in tech and building materials mean the windows aren’t as high maintenance.

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