When considering getting sash windows installed it can be confusing. Do you have to get approval from the council for your installation? What about your renovation?

At Sash Windows Brighton we have a massive amount of experience and exposure to diverse projects in the Brighton area. We can therefore guide and advise you on the council approvals that might be required for your project. We also have excellent connections in the Brighton and Hove council, and can therefore quickly ascertain where you stand.

Brighton and Hove council’s building control inspect each and every one of our jobs to approve the work we’ve done. They make sure everything has been carried out correctly by checking ventilation and build quality standards.

This approval is a huge mark of quality, which adds value to your property.  The certification process is similar to Fensa certification, with the difference being that Fensa approvals are self-certified, with the company needing to come out to your location for two or three random inspections per year. However, we are a fully Fensa registered company.

To date, Brighton and Hove council have approved 100% of our jobs.

Understanding whether you need your windows approved by the council

It is important to note that new replacement sash windows do not always require approval from Brighton council.  This is because new sashes can blend into the building and are usually A-Rated. The A rating means that the new windows are more energy efficient than the ones being replaced. The subsequent positive environmental impact that your project will have is seen in a very positive light.

Similarly, windows in conservation areas, where like-for-like replacements are being installed, do not always require building regulation approval and planning permission.  In such buildings the windows are reinstalled to match the original design of the property when it was first built – meaning you can replicate existing windows both in style and materials.

Where historic photos are not available, the predominant window style in the neighbourhood is used as a guide. Importantly, you can also replace and update single glazed windows to double glazing.

With listed buildings, such as Grade 2 listed properties, the regulations are generally more stringent and planning applications are required. When applying for these permissions, you will also have to submit detailed drawing and profiles of all windows in the property.

This being said, we can’t always promise that the council will allow double glazing; depending on the circumstances and property, they may decline your application or only allow slimline double glazing.

We are always available to give general advice. As you can imagine we have had numerous window projects in Brighton approved by the council. We can also do some of the liaising for you to ensure that you get the right answers, and therefore can move forward with your sash window projects with confidence.

At the end of the day it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all of the permissions required to repair or install your sash windows. We can help by providing you with the latest regulations and guiding you through the process of getting the permissions you need, should you need them. When you engage Brighton sash windows we become your partner to help you through the sometimes daunting process of getting windows approved by the Brighton council.

Get in touch today if you have any questions regarding council approval for sash windows in Brighton. We will have an initial discussion with you to find out what it is you want to do and guide you on the way forward. We can also come to you and do a free quotation so you have an idea of how much your installations or repairs will cost.