Sash Windows Brighton’s Top 7 Renovation Tips!

As summer approaches (we all hope), as does the ideal time to carry out any renovation work on your sash windows! Why summer, you ask? The wetter, winter months causes timber windows to expand due to water which can cause them to stick. When renovating, you want your windows to absolutely be as dry and fully sliding as possible. You also don’t want to be painting, sealing and redecorating wet wood!

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Repairing Windows in Old Homes

Part of the beauty of old buildings are their historic windows. Conserving, preserving and protecting the authenticity of windows such as these can be a tricky business, something that luckily, Sash Windows Brighton has ample experience in. Here’s more about it…

Repairing Timber Windows

As long as they receive the care, attention and maintenance they deserve, timber windows  can live for a couple of centuries. Replacing a window entirely is hardly ever necessary, we use a combination of nifty restoration solutions and carefully matched repairs in order to get the oldest of windows looking the way they should! Careful repairs and essential to retain the original design/ fabric of your home. At Sash Windows Brighton, we see it as a challenge! Only rarely is a window completely beyond repair!

Methods and Materials

The key to a long lasting repair is in the method and the material. Many of our customers come to us under the impression that a repair will only be a temporary fSASHWINDOWS BRIHGTON BLOG 2ix and could no way live up to the quality of a replacement window but actually, when done properly, this is far from the case!

  • repair work should be limited to the minimum amount of work required to fix the problem
  • work that involves tampering with the surrounded wall or built in frames should be avoided or kept to a minimum
  • frame repairs are best carried out onsite unless factory renovations are absolutely necessary

Repairing Metal Windows

Metal windows appeared during the Art Deco era and have since then have suffered from mis-shaping, paint build-up, broken hinges/ mechanisms and rust! Fortunately, we have a similar number of tricks up our sleeves when it comes to repairing metal framed windows. Simple welding repairs can be done to damaged sections of wrought iron and steel windows and whilst cast-iron can’t be welded due to the risk of cracking, we’re never without a solution. ‘Cold sitching’ will repair cast-iron window frames to full, working order once more!

Tackling Rust

It always looks worse than it is. Many of our customers panic when they find rust as it’s often perceived to be a sign that you need a replacement. False! There are so many ways you can beat rust:

  • wire brushes
  • files
  • small grinders

These are all super-easy ways to beat the rust on your metal windows onsite. If that doesn’t do the trick and your rusting is running out of control, we can always get them sent off to a factory to be galvanised or shot-blasted. Your original metal frames that once looked completely unusable now with decades of use in them once more!

Historic buildings are our expertise. If you have an older building and you’re not quite sure what work needs to be done to get your windows looking healthy again then give us a call today. A friendly member of our team at Sash Windows Brighton will be happy to talk through your options with you.

How to Choose The Right Window

Choosing the right window for your property is often a tricky proposition. You want a window that best complements your property, for the best possible price; but within that simple task there are many considerations lurking.

Luckily, we have simplified the process for you in this article.

Decide on the best material to use

Regardless of the property type, timber windows are always a great idea. Modern methods of timber preservation also ensure the windows retain their beauty and last for a long time.  This is the material of choice, especially in period properties, whilst contemporary property owners might want to consider going the plastic window route instead.

Decide on the style

The best type of window for you is dependent on the style and general theme of the property as a whole. Traditional properties are best complemented by windows featuring bar details, like the Victorian or cottage bar styles.

If the property is in a conservation area, you will need replacement windows that are similar to those that have been removed. This is the only way to meet council planning requirements and ensure the attractive appearance of the locality is maintained.

Consider the energy performance

If you are already dealing with high energy bills or simply want a window that ensures optimum energy performance, you should consider going with double or triple glazed windows.  Watch out for low U values as this is what determines the amount of heat loss.

Consider operational details

How will your windows be used? This is an important decision, as opening mechanisms can differ greatly. For easier cleaning, consider going for windows that can be tilted.

Consider your glazing needs

“Glazing is usually determined by the aesthetic and thermal performance you require. However, if you live in a noisy area and need a reduction in the level of noise, there are special additions that can be made, such as acoustic glass. Patterned obscure glass can also be used if you want an additional degree of privacy.” states expert from Troy’s Glass.

Consider finishing

Going with the right finish will not just protect your windows from the elements but it will also reduce need for regular maintenance.  The best window finishes come in colours with decade long guarantees, so long as you maintain them appropriately.  If you elect to go with unfinished windows, it is important to remember that they must be primed before they are exposed to the weather and the window must be eventually finished within 3 months.


Here at Sash Windows Brighton, we advise our customers to be careful about going with windows finished in black or other dark colours, as ultraviolet rays impact negatively on these colours, and can damage them over time.

When is the right time for window replacement?

For many people in the Brighton area, window replacement is an important fixture on the home improvement wish list. Apart from the type of windows to go with, one question that is a permanent quandary is the best time of the year to carry out window replacement.
Many people typically believe that the spring and summer months are the best times for windows to be replaced, however the reality is that windows can be replaced at any time, providing the installation is carried out by professionals.
Professional window installation experts, like us here at Sash Windows Brighton, can quickly replace each window in 30 minutes or less. This means that, irrespective of the weather (snow, ice, or blistering humidity), your home is only exposed to the elements for a short period of time.

Are there any benefits to installing windows in the spring and summer?

Cold weather presents some challenges when it comes to window installation. Improperly settled caulking and weak seal as a result of rain, snow or ice are the main reasons why many people prefer to install windows during the spring and summer.
However, it is important to note that window installation experts are usually very busy during this period as a result. To deal with this problem, you should consider hiring an experienced window company in early spring, so as to beat the rush.

Are there any benefits to installing Windows during autumn and the winter?

The best window installers, like ourselves at Sash Windows Brighton, will take adequate steps to reduce heat loss from your home when installing windows during autumn or winter. However, having your windows installed at this time ensures a short wait time. There is no need to wait until spring to deal with a draughty window or one that contributes to high energy costs.
Replacing your windows, even when the weather is cold, is a way to ensure comfort and save on utility bills.


There is no special season for window replacements and installations. Aside from the odd special deal once in a while, the price of replacing your windows remains constant all year round, meaning it doesn’t matter when you carry out the replacement. The best window installation experts can work in any and all weather conditions. The only time factor you need to worry about is choosing the best date and time for you.
Are you ready to get your windows installed, replaced or repaired? Or do you just have a few niggling questions still to clear up; either way, we are always available and happy to help!

Springtime Renovation: Get Your Windows Winter Ready

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Before Making Your Dream Living Room Make 3D Room Model

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Home renovations, especially those involving plentiful of demolition can be a very dusty affair. This nasty dust can easily free flow through the air and into your house to form a thick film on your entire furniture, possessions and the floor. To save yourself from arising potential health issues and hassles of cleaning, try the followings tips.

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