Are Sash Windows Secure?

In these perilous times, it is important to ensure our homes and businesses are secured. Most people get carried away with securing their doors while forgetting their windows are one of the vulnerable points in the house.

Yes, sash windows are secure. It will remain that way as long as the component materials like the glass and locks installed on the windows are kept in good working order.

Reinforced Glass

Sash windows are usually fixed with reinforced glazing. This glass is also called safety glazing or impact resistance glass. This glass is made several layers thick to make break-ins difficult. To break through reinforced glass, a burglar will have to hit the same spot multiple times. This will draw your attention or that of people around your home. If somehow the noise does not draw any attention and the burglar succeeds in cracking the glass, be assured that this kind of glass can crack but will not disintegrate. So it is a win-win situation.

Here at Sash Windows, Brighton, we recommend you get a window sensor installed on your sash window to detect movement on the window especially at night or when you are away from home.

Sash Windows Have Locks

Locks are installed on sash windows to protect you from intruders. “You might consider adding more locks to those already installed to strengthen the security of your home. Some people even install security gates for larger properties.” adds security expert Benny Avni from New York Gates. Here are different types of locks for you to choose from. They include;

Sash Stops

This lock stops the inside lower sash from moving past the outside sash window. When pulled up, it leaves only a little space underneath that an intruder can not fit through. Sash stops can be fixed in different ways to either prevent the window from moving or to create an air space while the window is locked.

Sash Bolt

Sash bolts are drilled into the inside of a sash window. The bolt is then screwed through the inside sash into the outside sash. The window it is locked and opened with the use of a key.

Sash Jammer

This is a simple sash window lock. It is a sound fit for extra security for your UPVC windows. This type of lock is also called Sash Guard Window.

Heritage Fitch Fastener

This type of lock does not turn with a key. It is locked by turning the lever that is fixed on the inside of the sash window, so it will fit into the piece on the outside sash window.

Frame To Frame Sash Lock

This is another type of sash window lock. It sits on the top of the lower sash and the bottom of the sash. They are locked firmly with a push-in bolt or a bar that is levered using a key. This lock strengthens your sash window against intruders because it can not be accessed from the outside.

Some other types of locks for sash window locks are; dual screws sash lock, quadrant sash windows fastener, and Brighton sash fastener among others.


Despite the level of security of the sash windows, it is your responsibility as homeowners or tenants to ensure your sash windows are in good working condition.

You have to conduct regular inspection of your sash windows to detect damage and then fix it immediately. Burglars love weak sash windows because it makes breaking into your house and stealing your properties easy. You do not want that, do you? So, If you are worried about your sash window security, it is time to take proactive steps

Do you need more guidance on maintaining your sash windows, how to reinforce your glass or on the kind of additional lock to install? Give us a call, and we will be happy to advise you.