Stick on sash horns vs run-through sash horns?

Here at Sash Windows Brighton, we’re no strangers to nerdy, jargon-filled, sash-related questions and it is our aim to answer every single one of them. Believe it or not, a question we’re commonly asked by customers is which is better, a stick on sash horn, or a run-through sash horn. So without further ado, here’s a break-down of what all of these things are, and what we think about them!

What is a sash horn?

Before we rush into a detailed comparison, it might be a good idea to define what we’re talking about!

Answer? They’re the integral design part that stops your window from opening too far!

They are the short protrusions below the center bar and they work by strengthening the mortice and tenon joints of your window, they stop your sash window from being opened too far. This was the case in timber sash windows anyway. They have almost been made redundant by the invention of PVCu sash windows and instead, stick on sash horns were invented to emulate the design of a traditional wooden sash.

The short answer? Run-through sash horns win almost every time!

Especially if you’re dealing with authentic, period designs where the value of the building decreases if traditional aesthetics aren’t strictly adhered to, opt for a run-through sash horn.

A wealth of history and information!

As you can probably, see, we take this authenticity business very seriously and run-though sash horns are integral components of sash windows dating as far back as the middle of the Victorian era. When we’re working on period buildings, we’ll even research as far as snooping round neighboring properties to match the details of the sash horns they use!

Yes, we know, from a distance the stick-on jobs are a very convincing façade, but it only takes a couple of loser looks to work out that all you’ve done is put an extra plastic bit on your window.

But what’s the difference?

The difference is that rather than being stuck on, run-through sash horns are a fully incorporated part of the window structure itself. For the most authentic look, opt for a run-through sash horn that replicated traditional, Victorian (most likely) joinery and timber manufacturing techniques.

What if my sash windows are PVCu?

Though the stick-on sash horns were pioneered and developed for the rise of PVCu sash windows, it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the run-though option just because you’re not dealing with timber. It is still possible to find run-through designs that will work with PVCu sash windows.

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