Are you looking for sash windows repair and restoration experts in Southwick?  We are the leading name you can count on to provide the best services.  We have been providing sash windows repair and restoration services in Southwick the years; you might have seen us working on a building near you.

Sash Window Restoration

We work on old and worn out sash windows, bringing them back from the brink.
We understand the unique qualities of period sash windows and we therefore do our best to replace individual components where necessary before we consider replacing your entire window. In many cases where the window is beyond repair, it is usually just the sashes that require replacing.  The sash boxes are often in good condition.  You can count on us to carefully analyse your sash windows and help your save money where necessary.

Get in touch today for a free inspection and quote to get your sash windows was stored in the Southwark area.

We do of course do a lot of installations of sash windows in the area as well. We can get you the hardware to do the job, or fit windows that you have already purchased. We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done to perfection.

Some of the other services we offer:

  • Boarding up
  • Emergency repairs
  • Insurance approved lock replacement
  • Installation of draught proofing systems
  • Leaded glass repairs and replacement
  • Glazing repairs and replacement
  • Period casement windows repairs and replacements
  • Sash box repairs and renovation
  • Sash windows repairs and renovations
  • Sash window security assessments

Why Choose Our Southwick Sash Window Service

We are a local company with local community links. We have been providing services in and around Brighton for many years and have built a strong reputation. The foundation of our business is customer satisfaction, and most of our new leads come from existing customers. That should tell you something about how we work.

We strive at all times to be friendly, professional and no-nonsense. We will tell you how it is and explain to you what needs to be done. We are highly qualified and experienced and therefore are able to get your job done to exacting standards.

We are a company you can trust to get the job done on budget, within your time frame, and with minimal disruption to your life. It is our job to make you happy with the end result as well as the process, and that is what we always try to do

The First Step

The first step in working with us is to get a free consultation. Will come to your place of business or residence and assess what needs to be done. We will consult with you on the right solutions, but you will have the final say. We will then provide a detailed quotation with costs broken down so you have a clear view of what is going to be done. Our quotations come with no obligation; if you choose not proceed then that is fine.

Get in touch today by phone or through this website and take advantage of our massive experience with sash windows.