How To Clean Your Sash Windows

Sash windows are such beautiful windows and have been around for more that 200 years. To make sure your sash windows look beautiful and are in a good working condition, it is important to keep them clean, and, when necessary, paint them.

At Sash Windows, Brighton, we recommend window cleaning as often as possible. This will make the dirt is easier to clean than having a mountain of grime caked on your window.

Carrying out this task can be quite tricky because you have to lift the windows up and down. However, if you do it patiently and one glass at a time, you will find it easier. We have put together a guide to help you with the cleaning of your sash windows.

Safety First

Please do not forget that when cleaning any window, the most essential fact to take into consideration is your safety. You can never be too cautious especially when cleaning a glass window because there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you are not careful.

If you have a two or more storey building with high windows, do not attempt to clean them without the necessary equipment. Ensure your feet are on solid ground ( Do not stand on chairs or stools). It is a sound idea to call a professional to do this.

Tips On How To Clean Your Sash Windows

It is best if you do not clean on a sunny day because the sun will dry up the soapy water on the glass quickly and leave water streaks on your window panes. Why not pick a cloudy day or do your cleaning early in the morning, that way, the wind will dry up the water slowly.

When cleaning the outside of your sash window, we recommend you use a mild dish washing liquid mixed with water and a soft sponge to wash and then use a squeegee when you are done to wipe off the soapy water from your window. The inside of the sash window can be cleaned the same way as the outside only you do not need a sponge and a squeegee. Use a damp towel instead. Do not use a paper towel because it will make your task difficult and unnecessarily stressful by moving the dirt from one place to another instead of cleaning.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Sash Window

Whether you have a timber sash window, a UPVC model sash window or the aluminium sash window, it is important to give your windows some tender loving care occasionally. Not only does it make your environment clean, but it also gives you the opportunity to inspect the parts of your sash windows. While cleaning, be attentive to detect signs of wear and tear, rotting timber and fraying cord.

We advise that you take steps towards fixing this damage if you find any on your window to ensure your window works well and if this damage can not be repaired, the sash window can be replaced.

While you are inspecting, it is a good time to determine if your timber sash window needs repainting. Painting, however, should be done after all repairs have been done. If repairs have been made and you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

How To Paint Your Sash Windows

Here is a simple guide to painting your timber sash windows.

  1. Remove all sash furniture including the window fasteners and sash handles then wash down the previous paintwork with detergent or soda.
  2. Apply an oil-based primer with a brush to get the best painting result.
  3. You can use an oil-based paint or a water-based paint on your timber sash window. Ensure to double coat both on the inside and outside.
  4. Once the windows are painted, let them dry before re-installing them. Do not wash for a month so the paint can cure.

It is necessary to know that, you should not clean and paint your sash windows in the sun. Do you still have questions, then you should give us a call, and our team of experts will be delighted to help you figure them out.