Should I look at replacing single sash windows with UPVC?

One of the main concerns we’re met with by customers every day is whether or not they should be looking to replace their traditional, timber sash windows with the modern UPVC models.

For those wanting to keep the authentic 19th/20th Century aesthetics of their home, UPVC alternatives cannot provide in the way that traditional timber can. However, those looking to save on their heating bills may find that their older style sash windows is letting them down and letting the heat out!
All of these concerns are valid and there are always solutions. For period homeowners, heritage regulations are likely to not allow you to change the exterior aesthetics of your home at all. For many others however, it is often a juggle between personal taste, efficiency and security.
Maintaining Sash Windows
It is no secret that upkeep is one of the biggest costs when dealing with Sash Windows. The maintenance free aspect of UPVC alternatives is one of the biggest attractions to customers.


Single glazing = heat loss. As most sash windows are only single glazed, they’re not going to have the same heat retention as their UPVC alternatives. It is worth baring in mind that many customers looking to convert to UPVC do not know that it is possible to double glaze traditional sash windows!

Cost Comparison

Most customers are put off by the statistic that replacing timber windows can often work out at about twice the price of UPVC windows. What is often forgotten however is that only rarely do you need to replace the entire window and often, the work needed to restore sash windows to their full potential doesn’t even come close to the cost of replacing with entirely UPVC alternatives!

Overall Appearance

This is where sash windows win as their classic beauty is to homebuyers on the same level as traditional hardwood floors and original fireplaces! Depending on the style of your building, taking out the traditional sash windows can detract from the value of having a home with original features. Not to mention the character and charm that UPVC simply cannot provide!

Safety and Security

A primary concern for homeowners in today’s day and age, UPVC offers without a doubt more protection over sash windows. You can’t beat reinforced windows with galvanised steel and locking devices. And as for their other modern, every-day features? UPVC designs feature everything from tilting sashes, making them easy to clean, and child safety restrictors.
There are however, safety precautions you can take to ensure your sash windows offer maximum protection. Hard timber and quality double glazing will give you strength and security!


There are many solutions to research and consider in order to get your sash windows restored to the highest performing quality. At Sash Windows Brighton, we have an endless array of restoration and refurbishment tips and tricks up our sleeve. Give us a call today to discuss how our services can give you your dream windows!