Best Sash Window Price Guide for your next Makeover Budget

Sash windows are a popular choice among home builders who desire a traditional appearance for their homes, and like any other home improvement project, costs have to be taken into account. This guide provides a breakdown of the cost of sash windows as available in the market today, and helps you determine the prices for the particular type of sash window treatment you need.

Cost of Sash Windows

Before deciding on what sash windows to purchase, a great tactic is to shop around and obtain different estimates from various sash window companies in order to get the best price possible. This way, you are sure of getting the best type of sash window at the best price and wit outstanding quality too. Another way to save money on sash window costs is to consider repairing or restoring your current ones. While this is still an expensive option, it is less costly than buying new ones.

The cost of sash windows will vary depending on different variables. Such variables include the type of sash window you want, your location in the UK, and how many windows you need. Sash window prices range from £300 to £3000. On the average, you can get sash windows costing £1000. The cheapest price for one sash window is £300.

How much are Wooden Sash Windows?

To give you an idea of market prices, wooden sash windows can cost around £1,300 for each window. When we say each window, we are referring to a complete pair, i.e., one top sash and one bottom sash.

Depending on the state of old wooden sash windows, a repair or restoration might be a better, more cost effective option than a complete replacement. Repairing a sash window would cost between £50 to £1000 per window. The price for sash window repair also depends on their state, and how much repair work needs to be carried out.

Are Sash Windows Expensive?

Sash windows are certainly not dirt-cheap. However, depending on your makeover budget, sash windows are well worth the cost if you do decide to go for it and have them installed.

If you are interested in buying or repairing sash windows and are worried about what it would cost to do so, keep calm. There are plenty options available and whatever your budget, there would certainly be lovely sash windows that would suit your needs.

Extra Expenses to consider for Sash Windows


Because sash windows are more prone to draught than standard windows, draught-proofing them is an ideal way to improve their efficiency. Sash window draught-proofing essentially involves constructing an air-tight seal around the sliding windows in the sash frame. A professional draught-proofing will cost around £200 – 400, but it is well worth for the protection it provides.

Installing Secondary glazing

A secondary glazing is needed if you are working on a house with period sash windows already installed. Two types of secondary glazing are available; fixed permanent glazing and temporary glazing. Both options for secondary glazing are much cheaper than new double glazing, and they let you to maintain the period look and feel, since your home will look unchanged from the outside. Modern secondary glazing can create a uniquely stylish appeal, and greatly improve the thermal performance of the window.

For a permanent secondary glazing, you might have to consider a bill of around £300 per window compared to the cost of new double glazed sash north of £1,300 per window. A temporary secondary glazing is also not as costly as a permanent secondary glazing, with a typical install cost of around £110 per square meter.