How to Choose The Right Window

Choosing the right window for your property is often a tricky proposition. You want a window that best complements your property, for the best possible price; but within that simple task there are many considerations lurking.

Luckily, we have simplified the process for you in this article.

Decide on the best material to use

Regardless of the property type, timber windows are always a great idea. Modern methods of timber preservation also ensure the windows retain their beauty and last for a long time.  This is the material of choice, especially in period properties, whilst contemporary property owners might want to consider going the plastic window route instead.

Decide on the style

The best type of window for you is dependent on the style and general theme of the property as a whole. Traditional properties are best complemented by windows featuring bar details, like the Victorian or cottage bar styles.

If the property is in a conservation area, you will need replacement windows that are similar to those that have been removed. This is the only way to meet council planning requirements and ensure the attractive appearance of the locality is maintained.

Consider the energy performance

If you are already dealing with high energy bills or simply want a window that ensures optimum energy performance, you should consider going with double or triple glazed windows.  Watch out for low U values as this is what determines the amount of heat loss.

Consider operational details

How will your windows be used? This is an important decision, as opening mechanisms can differ greatly. For easier cleaning, consider going for windows that can be tilted.

Consider your glazing needs

“Glazing is usually determined by the aesthetic and thermal performance you require. However, if you live in a noisy area and need a reduction in the level of noise, there are special additions that can be made, such as acoustic glass. Patterned obscure glass can also be used if you want an additional degree of privacy.” states expert from Troy’s Glass.

Consider finishing

Going with the right finish will not just protect your windows from the elements but it will also reduce need for regular maintenance.  The best window finishes come in colours with decade long guarantees, so long as you maintain them appropriately.  If you elect to go with unfinished windows, it is important to remember that they must be primed before they are exposed to the weather and the window must be eventually finished within 3 months.


Here at Sash Windows Brighton, we advise our customers to be careful about going with windows finished in black or other dark colours, as ultraviolet rays impact negatively on these colours, and can damage them over time.