Repairing Windows in Old Homes

Part of the beauty of old buildings are their historic windows. Conserving, preserving and protecting the authenticity of windows such as these can be a tricky business, something that luckily, Sash Windows Brighton has ample experience in. Here’s more about it…

Repairing Timber Windows

As long as they receive the care, attention and maintenance they deserve, timber windows  can live for a couple of centuries. Replacing a window entirely is hardly ever necessary, we use a combination of nifty restoration solutions and carefully matched repairs in order to get the oldest of windows looking the way they should! Careful repairs and essential to retain the original design/ fabric of your home. At Sash Windows Brighton, we see it as a challenge! Only rarely is a window completely beyond repair!

Methods and Materials

The key to a long lasting repair is in the method and the material. Many of our customers come to us under the impression that a repair will only be a temporary fSASHWINDOWS BRIHGTON BLOG 2ix and could no way live up to the quality of a replacement window but actually, when done properly, this is far from the case!

  • repair work should be limited to the minimum amount of work required to fix the problem
  • work that involves tampering with the surrounded wall or built in frames should be avoided or kept to a minimum
  • frame repairs are best carried out onsite unless factory renovations are absolutely necessary

Repairing Metal Windows

Metal windows appeared during the Art Deco era and have since then have suffered from mis-shaping, paint build-up, broken hinges/ mechanisms and rust! Fortunately, we have a similar number of tricks up our sleeves when it comes to repairing metal framed windows. Simple welding repairs can be done to damaged sections of wrought iron and steel windows and whilst cast-iron can’t be welded due to the risk of cracking, we’re never without a solution. ‘Cold sitching’ will repair cast-iron window frames to full, working order once more!

Tackling Rust

It always looks worse than it is. Many of our customers panic when they find rust as it’s often perceived to be a sign that you need a replacement. False! There are so many ways you can beat rust:

  • wire brushes
  • files
  • small grinders

These are all super-easy ways to beat the rust on your metal windows onsite. If that doesn’t do the trick and your rusting is running out of control, we can always get them sent off to a factory to be galvanised or shot-blasted. Your original metal frames that once looked completely unusable now with decades of use in them once more!

Historic buildings are our expertise. If you have an older building and you’re not quite sure what work needs to be done to get your windows looking healthy again then give us a call today. A friendly member of our team at Sash Windows Brighton will be happy to talk through your options with you.