Sash Windows Brighton’s Top 7 Renovation Tips!

As summer approaches (we all hope), as does the ideal time to carry out any renovation work on your sash windows! Why summer, you ask? The wetter, winter months causes timber windows to expand due to water which can cause them to stick. When renovating, you want your windows to absolutely be as dry and fully sliding as possible. You also don’t want to be painting, sealing and redecorating wet wood!

So without further ado! Here are our pointers for a successful DIY window renovation from Sussex Glazing Services

1. Out with the old paint, in with the new paint!

Get rid of any old paint from your windows before you start. Strip it, burn it, scrub it.

2. Finish your windows!

After getting rid of the old paint, you can then repair the wood, sand it and give it a completely new appearance by priming and finishing. We recommend a primer, undercoat and top coat for the best results. Priming and finishing your windows means coming back to the task over a few successive days. Make sure you write the finishing process into your timetable.

3. Use quality sealant!

The one things about sash windows is they’re notoriously draughty but a quality sealing job (please don’t use staples as they’ll rust), and an effective draught proofing system will save you money on your gas bills!

4. The harder the wood, the better!

Using softwoods in timber window renovations is a bad idea if you remember what we said about the wet, winter months. The softer the wood, the more likely it is to twist and the quicker it will deteriorate whereas hardwoods are much better at keeping their shape. If you’re not wanting to come back and redo the job in a couple of years time, opt for a hardwood!

5. Change the hardware.

There’s nothing worse than a decent renovation job with old, dead-looking handles and locks. Treat your windows to shiny new hardware to really get the most out of your renovation!

6. Opt for an energy efficient double glaze.

Wherever you can, we’ll always recommend you switching to double glazing, especially if you’re in the middle of a window renovation already. There are literally no drawbacks! Double glazing keeps your home warmer and saves you money. For antique, victorian sash windows, they do an ultra thin double glaze to keep that authentic style!

7. Double glazing, double cording!

If you DO opt for double glazing, you’ll need to look at perhaps replacing the cords in your sash windows. If they’re only used to pulling the weight of a single sheet of glass, you might need stronger cords for your new double glazed panels. Double the glass means a lot of additional weight for them to carry!
We hope our tips for summer window renovations have been handy! Always remember that beautiful as they are, sash windows can be notoriously temperamental. Have no fear! For any sash window woes, give us a call today! We’ll happily discuss your options and find the best solution for all of your timber needs!