Why Refurbishing your Sash Windows Should Be High On Your Home Improvement List

When the topic is home improvement and energy ratings the refurbishment of sash windows is often relegated down the priority list. Focus is often on energy efficiency installations such as wall and loft insulations. However, the benefits of such improvements will not be felt fully if they are done in a home with worn out sash windows. Here are some reasons why you should consider refurbishing your sash windows today.

Replace the harmful materials used in old windows

In the past, window frames were, in many cases painted, with lead-based paints. Refurbishing your sash windows ensures elimination of exposure to any harmful substances, whilst improving overall energy efficiency.

Potential to enjoy the benefits of double glazing

With double glazed sashed windows, two panes of glass are used to create an efficient, sealed window. This gives you a window that acts as a thermal insulation unit. Refurbished and double glazed sash windows ensure draughts are eliminated, whilst heat is kept indoors during cold weather. This can lead to savings of up to £220 a year in heating bills. Over time, the cost of refurbishment and double glazing can be offset through these savings alone. This frees up additional funds that could go into other areas of home improvement.

There are even extra thin triple glazing options available in the market today. No longer do you have to compromise the look of you sash windows by installing energy efficient glazing.

Improved aesthetics

Your costly kitchen or bathroom upgrades are great, but what impression do your windows leave on passers-by who may not have the opportunity of seeing the magnificence of your interior home improvements? And what first impression does your home make to guests?

Refurbishing your sash windows raises the tone of the whole house or office.

Improvements in security

Old and battered sash windows are light work for burglars. Refurbished and double glazed units, on the other hand, will require double the effort and double the noise to penetrate, making it difficult for potential burglars to get through. With sash window refurbishment done by a reputable company, multi-point locks are fixed too. In combination with the improved window build, you are assured of increased security.

Increased value for the home

When you spend money on home improvements the price of your property generally increases. Sash windows refurbishment isn’t any different. Fully functional sash windows are secure, energy efficient and more aesthetically pleasing. “These contribute to an increase of up to 10% in the value of your property.” states Property Cash Buyers expert, Matt Turner.

Deal with mould

Old sash windows may leak water. One visible, and rather unpleasant manifestation of leaky windows is mould, and, in some cases, it grows behind walls away from your line of sight. This poses a health risk for everyone within the home and can lead to structural damage to your property. Refurbishing your sash windows addresses this issue to a degree by reducing the amount of moisture entering your home. You then need to ensure that the moisture you self-generate in the home can find its way out.

Reduced noise pollution in the home

If you live near a busy commute park, road, school, air route, railway line or high street, you will appreciate not having to deal with so much noise round the clock. Refurbished and double glazed sash windows will transform your home into a quieter and more peaceful environment, as the work will cut down the amount of outside noise that enters your home.

There are plenty of good reasons to refurbish your sash windows. If you want to find out more about the options available to you, or to get a free quote, contact Sash Windows Brighton today.