To slide or not to slide? That is the question!

In this post, we’ll be discussing the advantages and features of casement windows and sash windows. As windows come in every shape, size, colour and style imaginable, its difficult to know what’s right you and your home. So we’ve taken the most generic window types to take you through the pros and cons of each!

So what is the difference between casement and sash windows?

On a basic level, sash windows slide and casement windows don’t! Casement windows work using hinges to open outwards whereas Sash windows use a cord and pulley system to slide and hold as far or little as you want the window to be open!

Casement Windows – Features and Advantages:

As we mentioned above, casement windows work with hinges, usually two or more attached at one side. Some may use friction hinges, a handy invention which allows the window to stay in place however much you open it. They have a generally modern appearance, built with PVCu frames, although you can also find wooden models.


– Great for windy weather due to a safety catch or friction hinge that holds them in place.
– You can also find casement windows with an inward opening feature.
– They come in lots of different styles including plain glass, leaded glass or even Georgian styles
– Suitable for modern homes
– High security as they are difficult to break into
– Energy efficient
– Offers high ventilation as they can open extremely wide

Sash Windows – Features and Advantages

Sash windows are a sliding design that work on a system of cords, pulleys and counterweights in order to slide up or down, or side to side. There are no hinges involved in this design. Authentic, original sash windows are a huge selling point in many old, victorian or period floors. They are one of those features such as hardwood floors or original fireplaces that attracts happy homebuyers from far and wide.


– Sash windows are a timeless beauty that add value to your home
– A great choice for older homes where casement windows would look too modern or out of place
– Available in PVCu or wooden models
– Easy to open
– You can choose how little or how much you want to open the window as the pulley mechanism will hold the window wherever you slide it to
– Great for ventilation
– Also available in a variety of styles; plain, leaded or panels
– Wide renovation choice for homes looking for sash window refurbishments
– Double glazing refurbishments available

At Sash Windows Brighton, as the name suggests, it can’t be hard to guess where our heart lies. Though casement windows may have the reputation for reliability and efficiency, nothing beats the classic design of a sash window! We have decades of hard-earned experience in transforming and renovating our customer’s sash windows in order to preserve their beauty, attraction and value, whilst adding that energy efficient, draught excluding factor needed to bring them into the 21st Century. We firmly believe that with the right amount of TLC, you can transform your old sash windows into high-performing, stunning designs.

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