To DIY or to not DIY, that is the question!

Every sash window project is slightly different, no repair is the same and the beauty of our job is that we get to see something new every day! Nothing surprises us…

One of the questions we do get asked by many customers however is where the DIY cut-off line lies. When does it stop being a good idea to take on sash window repairs yourself. So we’ve prepared this handy guide so that you can tell the difference between a fun, DIY Sunday afternoon, and a project that could land you way out of your depth!

If in doubt, asSASHWINDOWS BRIHGTON BLOG 3k the experts!

There’s no bigger mistake than starting a DIY project when you’re not sure yourself! We recommend you give us a call if you’re concerned in any way about conservation properties because repeat repairs due to the stringent guidelines you may have to follow can quickly get costly.

right repair is minimal

Knowledge is key and the best trick to an effective repair is only tackling the damaged areas, in order to conserve as much of the original timber as is possi

Know the difference between a quick-fix and a… not-quick-fix

We wouldn’t recommend taking on a DIY project unless you have enough joinery experience behind you to accurately assess if your problem is going to be a quick surface repair, or if more needs to be done to protect your building from larger problems.

Decay is a sign of a no-go project!

Steer clear from DIY repairs when decaying timber is involved as this will need careful preparation with the right products following an expert assessment.

Draft reduction requires skill

If energy conservation is on your mind then go to the experts for the most effective results. At Sash Windows Brighton, ‘draft reduction, energy saving and moisture-proofing’ may as well be our very long middle name. Combatting these factors appropriately with the correct skill set can only increase the longevity of your window repair.

Don’t forget to seal!

After you’ve finished your repair, it is absolutely essential that you use a seal to keep your repair water-tight and ensure that the job is virtually unnoticeable once painted. It increases the durability of your work as well!

Product research

This is pretty self-explanatory. There is an infinite array of DIY products available for your window repairs but as always, some are better than others. Make sure you’ve done your market research and are happy with the products you’re using on your windows and the effects they’ll achieve.

Our general conclusion is to approach DIY project such as this with caution. Window repairs require skill, experience and confidence and when it goes wrong, it turns expensive. So if you’re worried that your easy fix window repair might turn into a more serious refurbishment if tackled DIY style, then get in contact with Sash Windows today! We provide skilled window refurbishments and professional advice. We’re at the ready with the quickest solutions to your sash window problems!