Keeping the heat in with sash windows! (3 MORE Top Tips!)

Sash Windows are notoriously drafty. The older your house, the more of an issue you can expect it to be. We have dedicated decades of skill and technique into providing draft solutions for our customers so everyone can enjoy sash windows from the comfort of a warm, environmentally friendly home. If you didn’t catch our previous post, we gave away some tips to help you conserve energy in your home DIY.

Heat conservation and draft combatting gets a little more complicated however, if you’re looking for a long term solutions. It’s good to know what’s out there, if it’s worth it and what else you could be doing before making an investment. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers to keeping your home snuggly with help from the professionals!

1.Talk to uSASHWINDOWS BRIHGTON BLOG 4s about replacing the glazing.

Though pricey, this is by far your best option. What we do is we’ll preserve your sash window frames but replace the existing glass with a super-thin double glazing. This leaves you with not much of a visual change but significant reductions in heat loss. Honestly, you’d need a sash-window-trained expert to make fine inspection in order to tell the difference!

2.Don’t assume you need entirely new windows, talk to us about opting for a restoration instead!

The high price-tag that comes with new windows can often drive many home renovators make the mistake of searching for cheaper window replacement deals with a normal builder…

COME TO US FIRST! We can’t tell you how frequently we have customers come to us insisting on getting all of their sash windows replaced, only to be filled with joy as we tell them that all they need is a simple restoration. Window replacement is a fairly extreme option and whilst this is necessary in some cases, there are varying levels of restorations and only rarely will we need to take out the entire window and replace it with a new one. It’s pricey as well and there are so many different routes we can go down to replace and restore parts of your window in order to meet energy conservation regulations.

3.Avoid the facade of triple glazing

Yes… it exists! Whilst triple glazing may sound like it’s triple effective, the reality is far less than the case. We discourage customers from choosing triple glazing as money can always be better spent on nifty renovations to help heat loss in other ways. If you ARE looking to upgrade to the triple glazing, you can be looking at an average annual saving of around the £2 per window mark. Factoring in the cost of your average triple glazed window compared to double glazing, it might pay for itself in over 20 years. Worth it?

Heat conservation is a fussy business, if you need any help with making your sash windows more environmentally friendly then call a member of our team to discuss your options today