Keeping the heat in with sash windows! (3 Top Tips!)

The art to conserving energy with sash windows is a tricky one. They are, by nature, drafty things! The average, single-glazed sash window could be loosing 16 times the amount of heat per unit area than you would lose through a wall. Seeing as many houses built up until the 1930s had sash windows.. well, we’ll leave you to do the maths but that’s an astronomical amount of sash windows in the Brighton and Sussex area alone! Luckily, at Sash Windows Brighton, we’ve got all the sash expertise at our fingertips to give you the best advice when it comes to keeping the heat in!

1.The pros and cons of traditional window covers

Blinds, insulated shutters and thick curtains have been around historically to combat the cold for one simple reason. They do the job incredibly well! They’re cost effective, it doesn’t involve making many changes to the window area itself it’s a great way to fix your draft problem DIY. Even the most draft-proofed of draft-proofed windows would still benefit from the likes of a simple blind or shutter.

But these methods have their drawbacks. For instance, the moment you open the curtain, that method ceases to work due to radiation heat loss. Even when closed, the window will still fall victim to condensation and lastly, it doesn’t do much if noise pollution is also a problem for you!

2.Draft-proofing your sash windows

For a temporary fix, you cant go wrong with a masking tape feature, especially for windows that aren’t used and are rarely seen. Sealing them up for the winter when they’re not needed is a great way to save you money – especially with our present day gas prices! You could also try:


  • side sashes in a bay
  • surface mounted metal strips
  • compression seals


Whilst draft proofing will greatly improve energy conservation in your home, you need to assess whether or not you still have enough ventilation. If not, you could easily end up with high humidity in particularly wet rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom etc.

3.Secondary Glazing

There are many ways you can add a level of secondary glazing to your sash windows and they range in price, effectiveness and endurance.

The temporary fix:

If you live in a rented property and you’re just looking to get through the cold season without breaking your bank due to astronomical gas prices then the one-seasons-only window film is the one for you! Simply stick it on the window as tight as it will go and then use a hairdryer to seal it properly. Just don’t knock into it too often. It may cut heat losses down by a third if used properly but it is easily damaged. Also beware that you won’t be able to open windows if you use a temporary window film.

A slightly better temporary fix:

The step up from window films is the polyester sheet. You can choose between rigid models or roll away numbers which are great for storing over the warmer months of the year. They’re usually attached with magnetic strips and are easy to apply in an afternoon of DIY. Simply measure your windows and cut accordingly. The great thing about the rigid version of the polyester sheet is you can take them up and down in seconds if you fancy a blast of fresh, winter air!

So there you have it, three great tips for getting your sash windows to save you money DIY style. We’ll be carrying on with our heat conservation advice in our next post but if you need any help with making your sash windows more energy friendly in the meantime then give Sash Windows Brighton a call. A friendly member of our team will be happy to run through some options and give an insight into what we can do for you today!