Does it seem like you spend too much on heating bills? Have you noticed that your Wiston sash windows have gaps? You should know that those gaps are the cause of the constant heat loss. Sash Windows Wiston is the key solution to all your problems. Amongst our other great services, we at Sash Windows Wiston provide draught proofing services for your sash windows. Covering up the spaces is the perfect solution to an increase in thermal performance, reducing the amount of money you spend.


Why you should choose Sash Windows Wiston For over 10 years, Sash Windows Wiston, which comprises of committed and skilled craftsmen, has been restoring, repairing and installing sash windows. Our reputation stands on our ability to unfailingly deliver topnotch window services to our customers residing in Wiston and other neighboring towns. For this reason, we are considered by many the best sash windows company in Wiston. The quality of the service we provide never wanes; be it a large project or a small projects fix, our approach is professional, friendly and meticulous. Whatever you require, our experienced staff is on ground to help you. We take the needs of our customers very seriously; having worked with different people on diverse projects, and ammased a ton of knowledge and experience, you can be assured that we are more than capable of satisfying your needs. We are the premier sash windows providers in the whole of Wiston, highlighted by our Checkatrade profile. Our phenomenal project success throughout the years has earned us a loyal customer basis and numerous referrals over the years. Our customer testimonials are proof of our professionalism, quality work, knowledge and friendly service. When you try our service we are sure that you will be a customer for life; or for as long as you have sash windows in Wiston at least. Our craftsman skills have been recognized and commended by the Brighton and Hove city council through our Master Craftsman status. Our vast amount of experience with council approvals means we can help you through the red tape needed to get approval for your project. The quality of work we provide has remained the same from the very first day, and we have always received council approval of the work we have completed. There is no sash window work we cannot do Sash Windows Wiston are known for their expertise when it comes to sash windows. Sash Windows Wiston will provide you with all the services that you need.


We work in Burgess Hill, Rottingdean, Wiston, Hove, Southwick, Shoreham and other local areas. Our experienced workers are able to perform any task you need done. Give us a call on 01273 934373 and we will give you a quotation without any charge. No other company in and around Wiston can provide you with the same level of service as Sash Windows Wiston.


After we inspect the site, we will then give a quotation. The prices for work depends on the project. We aim to offer the best possible value for money, so each project is quoted on an individual basis. If you have sash window needs we can give you a no-obligation quote. It costs you nothing to pick up your phone or send us a message; we will be there to give you an accurate costing for your sash windows project.


Here at Sash Windows Wiston, we are massively experienced in the supply and installation of sash windows in the Wiston area. With our sash window company the quality of our services does not depend on your budget; project size, or anything else. We always give our best- every time. It can be difficult to decide on the type of sash window you want; we can help by showing you examples of different windows on properties like yours.


We are your premier sash window repair service in Wiston. We have tremendous experience fixing windows, and can help whatever your problem. Window restoration: Re-roping sash cords Even though we are experts in this field, it is important to us that our customers are happy with the results.


Draught proofing is a part of our service whilst refurbishing or replacing your windows. If you want to witch sash window style we can guide and advise you, and complete the entire process, from council approvals, to sourcing, to installation. We are Wiston’s best. Pick up your phone and call today.