Did you know that over 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows and doors? The air escaping through the holes around your South-Heighton sash windows, is what is causing you to spend so much. You have come to the right place. Sash Windows South-Heighton in the midst of our numerous services, also assists you in proofing your sash windows against the effects of draughts. By sealing those gaps, we ensure that the cool air stays out, the hot air stays in and your money stays in your pocket.


Why you should choose Sash Windows South-Heighton We are a team of committed and skilled craftsmen who have been in the business of repairing, restoring and installing sash windows in the South-Heighton area for over a decade now We offer the best window services at the best prices, every one of our past customers would attest to that. That’s why we are South-Heighton’s favourite sash window company. Whatever your project budget may be, we strive to provide the best and swiftest solutions possible at the lowest prices. Commercial buildings, listed buildings, private residences, and even conservation properties; you name it, we have done it at Sash Windows South-Heighton. Checkatrade has vouched for our expertise and authenticity, and our customer ratings say more about the quality of our South-Heighton sash window service than we ever could. Our bespoke services and quality delivery have gone a long way in ensuring our top position in the Sash windows business. Our customer testimonials are proof of our professionalism, quality work, knowledge and friendly service. No other sash window company in the South-Heighton area is able to provide you with the level of service that we provide Our craftsman skills have been recognized and commended by the Brighton and Hove city council through our Master Craftsman status. It is essential to know the important documents needed for a job and how to get them. Our experience with the council means we are in a great position to advise you. The council has been inspecting every single one of our jobs from day one to approve the quality of our work, and, to date, we have never been found wanting. We off the full range of sash window services Sash Windows South-Heighton are known for their expertise when it comes to sash windows. We work with with you every step of the way until your sash window project is complete.


Sash Windows South-Heighton has a number of clients in areas that we work in outside South-Heighton including Rottingdean, Worthing, Patcham, Peacehaven, Burgess Hill, Hove, Shoreham and other nearby towns Whatever you want, our skilled craftsmen have got you covered. Contact us by phone on 01273 934373, or through our online forms, for more information about our services or to get a no-obligation quotation. Sash Windows South-Heighton is your best option when it comes to your window needs; with the most professional attitude and most experience in the South-Heighton area.


At Sash Windows South-Heighton, there is no one-price-fits-all rate for our services. We aim to offer the best possible value for money, so each project is quoted on an individual basis. We offer free cost quotations on sash windows to our clients. Contact us at Sash Windows South-Heighton for a free quotation


We have excellent industry links, meaning we can source sash windows at competitive process, and we are the best sash window installation service in the South-Heighton area. We always give our best best. We are good at what we do and we always go the extra to make our customers happy Our team can show you our portfolio so you can see examples of what Non-Bar,Three Light, Centre Bar, and other types of sash window will look like on your property.


We are the best sash window repair company operating in the South-Heighton area. If you are stuck on the appropriate method for repairing your sash window, we have a number of solutions to offer. Repairing Broken Sash Cords This service is swift but we don’t ever rush our work. We make sure we provide a service beyond your expectations, and leave your windows ‘like new’.


Draught proofing is a part of our service whilst refurbishing or replacing your windows. Getting new windows doesn’t mean you need to use the same style. We can install a different style of sash window should you want one, and help you through the approval and selection processes. We are South-Heighton’s number one sash windows company. Call us today. We are here to help.