Why does it seem like you are throwing away money heating your house? You seem to be constantly wasting money and you cannot even explain how; it could be the gaps around your Selmeston sash windows. This is where we come in. Draughts can be a major factor causing discomfort in buildings, and we can make a huge difference to your energy costs. Covering up the spaces is the perfect solution to an increase in thermal performance, reducing the amount of money you spend.


Why you should choose Sash Windows Selmeston We are a team of committed and skilled craftsmen who have been in the business of repairing, restoring and installing sash windows in the Selmeston area for over a decade now We have built a reputation for quality window services to our clients and that is why we are considered the best sash windows company in Selmeston and its neighboring towns. It doesn’t matter the scope of your project, we endeavour to provide the best value service possible. Our staff at Sash Windows Selmeston are exceptionally qualified and have numerous years’ experience in the field, which has made them highly attuned to customer’s needs. Look no further than Sash Windows Selmeston. We come highly recommended. We are Checkatrade approved. Our phenomenal project success throughout the years has earned us a loyal customer basis and numerous referrals over the years. Our customer testimonials are proof of our professionalism, quality work, knowledge and friendly service. After we have completed work on your Sash Windows in Selmeston, you will never turn to another company. Our craftsman skills have been recognized and commended by the Brighton and Hove city council through our Master Craftsman status. As a result of our years of experience and connections in the council, we also have the capacity to advise you on the council approvals that you might need for your project, and then give you an insight on getting approval. Our work is always approved by the council; inspections have always flown through. We offer a full range of services There is no type, style or design of sash window that we cannot work with. We work with with you every step of the way until your sash window project is complete.


We work in Burgess Hill, Rottingdean, Selmeston, Hove, Southwick, Shoreham and other local areas. Whatever you want, our skilled craftsmen have got you covered. For more information, or to get a free quotation, contact us via our online form or call us on 01273 934373. Sash Windows Selmeston is your best option when it comes to your window needs; with the most professional attitude and most experience in the Selmeston area.


The amount we charge at Sash Windows Selmeston depends on the type of service we are providing for you. It is not feasible to offer a fixed price structure when we are trying to offer value for money. If you need us to check your sash windows to find out what needs to be replaced or removed, we will do it for you free of charge. Contact us at Sash Windows Selmeston for a free quotation


We provide and install sash windows in Selmeston as one of our specialties. Our services are always top notch. No matter how big or how small your project. It can be difficult to decide on the type of sash window you want; we can help by showing you examples of different windows on properties like yours.


We are your premier sash window repair service in Selmeston. There are various ways sash windows can be repaired: Replacing a sash cord on a window This is one of the fastest services we offer and we ensure your window is as good as new before we leave.


Draught proofing is a part of our service whilst refurbishing or replacing your windows. If you want to witch sash window style we can guide and advise you, and complete the entire process, from council approvals, to sourcing, to installation. We are Selmeston’s best. Pick up your phone and call today.