Did you know that over 25% of the heat in your house escapes through your windows and doors? The air escaping through the holes around your Ovingdean sash windows, is what is causing you to spend so much. Our job is to provide concrete solutions to these worries of yours. Sash Windows Ovingdean in the midst of our numerous services, also assists you in proofing your sash windows against the effects of draughts. By sealing those gaps, we ensure that the cool air stays out, the hot air stays in and your money stays in your pocket.


What do we have to offer at Sash Windows Ovingdean, you might ask? Over the years our dedicated team of specialists have supplied restoration, repair, and replacement sash window solutions to numerous customers in the Ovingdean area We have built a reputation for quality window services to our clients and that is why we are considered the best sash windows company in Ovingdean and its neighboring towns. Sash Windows Ovingdean offers residents of Ovingdean and neighbouring towns, unparalleled services at affordable rates. Whatever you require, our experienced staff is on ground to help you. We take the needs of our customers very seriously; having worked with different people on diverse projects, and ammased a ton of knowledge and experience, you can be assured that we are more than capable of satisfying your needs. We are the premier sash windows providers in the whole of Ovingdean, highlighted by our Checkatrade profile. Our history of excellent work over the years speak for us and that’s why we have been able to build such a huge reputation in the sash windows business. Our customer testimonials are proof of our professionalism, quality work, knowledge and friendly service. No other sash window company in the Ovingdean area is able to provide you with the level of service that we provide We have also attained Master Craftsman status, awarded by the Brighton and Hove city council. It is essential to know the important documents needed for a job and how to get them. Our experience with the council means we are in a great position to advise you. Sash Windows Ovingdean, over the years, has always met the standards set out by the council. Our services are comprehensive There is no type, style or design of sash window that we cannot work with. From draught proofing to sash window installation, we are here for you.


Sash Windows Ovingdean has a number of clients in areas that we work in outside Ovingdean including Rottingdean, Worthing, Patcham, Peacehaven, Burgess Hill, Hove, Shoreham and other nearby towns With our skills we are fully equipped to meet your every needs. For more information, or to get a free quotation, contact us via our online form or call us on 01273 934373. Sash Windows Ovingdean is your best option when it comes to your window needs; with the most professional attitude and most experience in the Ovingdean area.


Our prices are dependent on what exactly needs done. It is not feasible to offer a fixed price structure when we are trying to offer value for money. If you want a quotation, ask us, we offer quotes without any obligation, completely free of charge. Give us a call or contact us via any of our channels and we will come and have a look at what you need to be done and then provide you with an accurate cost for the job.


We have excellent industry links, meaning we can source sash windows at competitive process, and we are the best sash window installation service in the Ovingdean area. With our sash window company the quality of our services does not depend on your budget; project size, or anything else. We always give our best- every time. Our team can show you our portfolio so you can see examples of what Non-Bar,Three Light, Centre Bar, and other types of sash window will look like on your property.


We are your premier sash window repair service in Ovingdean. If you are stuck on the appropriate method for repairing your sash window, we have a number of solutions to offer. Replacing a sash cord on a window ‘Better than before’ is one of our main achievements. This means that we always endeavor in whatever we do, to leave your doors or windows looking brand new.


Draught proofing is a part of our service whilst refurbishing or replacing your windows. At Sash Windows Ovingdean we often replace old sash windows with new styles. At Sash Windows Ovingdean, we are the premier company for sash windows, so give us a call now for a free inspection and quotation.